Amy Matson 003

Heart attack survivor Amy Matson participates in Bark in The Park at the University of Washington. 

Surviving a heart attack is no small feat. It requires quick thinking, prompt action, and a bit of luck. For Amy Matson, August 1, 2020 was the day her life dramatically changed. It began with a routine lunchtime jog but ended in a way far from normal.

Amy Matson 004

Amy Matson pauses for a break during hike along White River below Mount Hood.

As Amy set out on her usual lunch run, she had no idea her life was in danger. After running about a quarter of a mile, she felt a heavy pressure in her chest, almost like a punch. Amy stopped immediately and tried to shake it off; maybe she was just dehydrated. But when the pain returned twice more as she started running again, she knew something was wrong.

Amy Matson 001

Amy Matson enjoys an active life. Here, she shows off a fish caught on Oregon's Rogue River.

Amy Matson 002

Amy Matson, a heart attack survivor, is shown participating in the 2022 Heart Walk. 


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