Courtesy photo: Corinn deTorres

Corinn deTorres and Illya deTorres are pictured above as Penny and Dean in the original production in 2013, and will reprise those roles in the upcoming production of “Varsity Werewolf Cheerleaders Live from Outer Space.”

“Varsity Werewolf Cheerleaders Live from Outer Space” has it all: sexy cheerleaders, rebellious youth, evil aliens, ’80s music, dance numbers and puppets. What more could a theatergoer want?

The musical begins in 1986, shortly after teen roller-derby girl Staci is moved to a small town to salvage her future. Then, a parasitic alien race crash lands in the woods and possesses her high school's varsity cheerleaders, so now it's up to Staci, the town's bad boy, Dean, and their grandparents to save the school, their town and the world.

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